1WC Crew: (from left) Matthew Schmidt, Adam al-Sirgany, (friend) Jon Riccio, Ingrid Claire Wenzler

1-Week Critique is dedicated to helping writers (of any proficiency) develop an individual piece with an aim at improving that piece and pursuing literary development. 


Long-term, we’d like to expand our programs to offer free educational materials to schools, libraries, writing groups, and other organizations, as well as in-person workshops, events, and classes for all ages.


We’ve created this Donate page for those interested in supporting our content as well as current and future programs, including our ongoing The Interview Series, where we interview artists about the development of their work.  


Whether you’re able to contribute or not, we hope you’ll view the latest installments of our interview series, The Interview Series; submit your poetry or prose for feedback; and sign-up for our newsletter. Community building is so central to our mission—we’re happy to be a part of a community with other artists like you. Thank you for helping us do that through 1-Week Critique!

Literary Education in the Digital Age