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Educational Content

It's at the heart of 1WC's mission to make educational resources free (or affordable) and publicly available to writers and teachers of the literary arts.


We are always in the process of developing our catalog of educational programming. 

Along with our Editorial Services, which support writers by helping them develop a single piece of poetry or prose, our current program roster includes: 

The Interview Series

In the Interview Series, our editors discuss editorial process with established writers, comparing, in particular, an early and published draft of a given piece of work. 



StoryTalk is a podcast, shaped by a roundtable discussion, focusing on one piece of short fiction at a time. Episodes are available on several platforms, including YouTube and Apple Podcasts. 

Teaching Takeaways

 Dr. Jonathan Riccio curates 1WC’s Teaching Takeaways program, which provides publicly available teaching and study materials each month. Teaching Takeaways focuses on the work of a single poet, deriving prompts and exercises from that work.

Live Programming at the Iowa City Public Library

The Library Series is a chance for elementary to high school students to participate in literary events. Prior programming ranged from a graphic novel contest to poetry writing events. 


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