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2019 Ada Limón Autumn Poetry Prize Winner

As a relatively new writer and one that has never participated in creative writing workshops, I can say that Matthew’s feedback and criticism undoubtedly played a role in my poem “Fire-dogs” being selected as the winner of the 2019 Ada Limón Autumn Poetry Prize and my first publication. Matthew’s feedback not only highlighted areas where my writing needed improvement, but also gave me confidence in areas where a certain poem might be working really well. The clarity with which he delivered feedback streamlined the revising process by providing a perspective that I might not have considered myself. Matthew’s criticism was invaluable and I will definitely continue to use his services.
-Adam Moore

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Accomplished poet, fiction writer, and essayist

Adam al-Sirgany has been ghostwriting biographies for the past three years. An accomplished poet, fiction writer, and essayist—now you can put him to work for your poems. Seriously, he has made my poems, essays, and everything in between better with his keen eyes, and pitch perfect ears. I racked up around fifty poems that made it online or into print in the two years we worked closely together.

-Jason Braun

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Author of two fiction books

Ingrid [Wenzler] is one of the best readers of my work that I have ever encountered. I've had the chance to speak with her at length about my collection, The Usual Uncertainties, and in particular about how I revised the story, "A Confession in the Spirit of Openness Right from the Beginning." I was impressed by how perceptive she was and how well she could express her subtle and layered readings of the story. She has deep insights into how fiction works and is a talented questioner. I greatly enjoyed working with her on 1WC's Interview Series.

-Jonathan Blum

Read some of Jonathan's work here

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